Empire of Pixels - the power of mobile phone documentaries

May 14, 2011, 3 PM

Film Screening:
People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am by Boris Gerrets,
Mobile phone films made in the course of DE-PL project

Millions of recordings on internet portals, festivals of mobile phone films and of late, the mobile phone as an instrument of the battle with the regime in Iran, Tunisia and Libya. It would be hard to question that the mobile phone has become a film tool, along side the camera, with a style and character of its own. But where does the boundary lie between mobile phone film art and the accidental recordings of millions of youtubers? What is the unique quality of mobile phone pictures? How is great cinema produced with the aid of a small mobile phone?

The meeting between filmmaker Boris Gerretsand Cezary Ciszewski - founder of Miasto w komie("City in the Mobile") will be an opportunity to compare the experiences of mobile phone film directors and discuss the potential and specific nature of the art of the mobile phone documentary.

It is not easy to answer such questions as "Who am I?" and "Where do I come from" and harder yet - to present these issues honestly, without showing off or attempting faux originality. The DE-PL EXPERIMENT uses mobile phone videonotes created by the filmmakers from "Miasto w Komie". It was a risky decision, but perhaps the only way to paint a true picture of Poles and Germans.

"What does it mean nowadays to be German or Polish?Through Life in a Day, a layer-cake film consisting of YouTube fast-food snippets,Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald uncovered a mystical secret: people are the same the world over. When we founded DE-PL EXPERIMENT it was clear to us that people are different from each other, not only in neighboring countries or cities, but also in districts and neighborhoods. It was important to us to reach down in order to get at the stratum of honesty and to provide the 40 participants from Poland and Germany with tools that would enable them to answer the questions: what is it like to live where they live and what it means to them."
Cezary Ciszewski



Hall 2
13:00 Experyment DE-PL: Mistrz z Łazarza (The Champion of Łazarz), Elżbieta Bednarkiewicz, 4’; Była sobie wyspa (There Once Was an Island), Nowa Zelandia, USA, 2010, 80’

Hall 3
12:30 Experyment DE-PL: Czym jestem (What Am I?), Leon Bollinger, 2’; Brat Siostra (Brother Sister) Niemcy, 2010, 90’
14:30 Experyment DE-PL: Bycie gejem już nie kręci (Being gay in itself isn't interesting any more), Armin Commandeur, 5’; Kraj gazem płynący (GasLand), USA, 2010, 104’



Hall 2
15:00 Experyment DE-PL: Sługa boży (The Servant of God), Wojciech Domachowski, 4’; Taniec duchów (Dance To the Spirits), Francja, Holandia, Niemcy, 2010, 90’
17:00 Experyment DE-PL: Jest dobrze (It’s All Right), Joanna Kłos, 4’; Czwarta rewolucja (The 4th Revolution), Niemcy, 2010, 97’



Hall 2
18:30 Experyment DE-PL: Mam w dupie małe miasteczka (I piss on little towns), Janusz Lewoń, 3’; Projekt ANT FARM - przestrzeń, ziemia i czas (Space, Land and Time), USA, 2010, 77’



Sala 2
17:00 Experyment DE-PL: Trasa Siedlce – Warszawa (Milito Morka “The Siedlce-Warsaw Road”), Kamil Niedziałek, 4’; Trans-akcja (Trans-action), Polska, 2010, 72’
19:00 Experyment DE-PL: To nie jest rezerwat (This Is Not a Reserve), Rafał Słomka, 5’; Zróbmy najpiękniejszą książkę świata (How To Make a Book With Steidl),Germany, 2010, 90’ spotkanie z twórcami filmu
21.00 Experyment DE-PL: Ciuchlandia (The Land of Second-Hands), Bogna Warszawa, 5’; Bezsenni (Goodnight Nobody), Szwajcaria, Niemcy, 2010, 77’



Hall 1

15:00 O ludziach, którymi mógłbym być, a może jestem (People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am), Holandia, 2010, 53’; Experyment DE-PL: Ida nazad (I Go Back), Dorothea Lata, 3’; Eksperyment (Experiment), Katarzyna Łyszkowska, 5’; Świat, w którym chcesz żyć (World You Want To Live In), Karina Schönthaler-Pospiech, 4’
Spotkanie: Imperium pixelozy – potęga dokumentów komórkowych / Meeting: The Empire of Pixels – The Power of Mobile Phone Documentaries

Cezary Ciszewski