Audience Award

This year once again the audience of the PLANETE DOC Festival will vote for the best film which will receive the Audience Award and EUR 2,000 in prize money (the award is funded by the Planete documentary channel).

All of the films presented during the festival may compete for the Audience Award. Each of you can vote and be a festival judge! To save our planet and let more trees grow, we decided that this year your film ticket will be your ballot, with a 1 to 4 scale printed on the back. To vote, just tear the ticket slightly in the space provided for each mark and drop it in the designated box marked “PLANETE DOC Film Festival Audience Award” displayed in Kinoteka Theatre.
If the screening consists of 2 films, please write down their titles (or at least the first word of each title) on your ballot and grade each of the titles with a 1 to 4 mark.
To find out more about the competition go to our website: