Green Warsaw Award

This year’s PLANETE DOC FILM FESTIVAL will again give out the Warsaw Green Award for the film that best presents ecology-related issues. The winner will receive EUR 3,000.
The award accompanies the Film Section: Climate for Change.
A jury consisted of Martyna Wojciechowska, Katarzyna Radzikowska, Maciej Muskat will select the winning film.

Małgorzata Kopka of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Warsaw Office talks about the idea behind the Warsaw Green Award

Protecting the natural environment ceased to be the pursuit of a small but dedicated band of ecologists many years ago. Caring for our planet has been brought to the forefront of mainstream social and political issues and that is where it will remain. Each and every one of us bears some responsibility for looking after our planet, regardless of whether we are talking about a seal in the Mediterranean, a rhinoceros in Africa, genetically modified crops, or the greenhouse effect. And these ecological threats, challenges and issues that confront us show no sign of abating despite the increasing number of educational actions and campaigns being waged. We take the view, however, that when artists make films that tackle “green” issues, in the broad sense of the term, they bring the viewer closer to those issues, whether they be local or regional, at times afflicting far-flung parts of the world, or global problems that affect us all.

Films in the competition

May 15, 18:00  Muranów

May 8, 14:30  Kinoteka 3

May 10, 18:00  Kinoteka 5

May 15, 17:00  Iluzjon

May 6, 19:30  Kinoteka 1

May 7, 19:00  Kinoteka 1

May 8, 17:00  Kinoteka 2

May 10, 21:00  Kinoteka 7

May 15, 15:00  Kinoteka 7

May 13, 19:00  Kinoteka 6

May 7, 12:00  Kinoteka 2


Martyna Wojciechowska

Born in Warsaw, extremely active since childhood. Loves to take risks, passionate about cars. She trained as a rhythmic gymnast, but was also interested in single-track vehicles – which is shy she obtained the sport and racing licenses and went on to organize a racing team, for which she worked as press spokesperson.
As a TV presenter, she has been a long-time collaborator of Polish TV channel TVN, where she also hosted her own travel programs and two documentary series (Kobieta na krańcu świata – A Woman at the End of the World). She has also contributed to various magazines (Auto dziś i jutro, Playboy and Voyage).
In 2002, Wojciechowska was the first woman from Central and Eastern Europe to participate in and complete the Paris-Dakar Rally. She also came in second in the general classification of the 2003 Transsiberia Rally.
Her greatest passion is mountaineering: she was the third Polish woman to reach Mount Everest; on January 22, 2010, she climbed the last of the “7 summits” and was the second Polish woman (and one of the few in the world) to complete the challenge and reach the highest mountain peaks of each of the seven major continents.
Wojciechowska has written a number of books about her travels. She was voted the 2009 Woman of the Year by Twój Styl magazine and is a proud mom of Marysia.

Katarzyna Radzikowska

Sociologist, graduate of the Institute for Applied Social Research and Department of Management (cultural management) at the University of Warsaw. Since her student years she has been involved in non-governmental organizations active on the international level. At the Heinrich BĂśll Foundation in Warsaw she coordinates projects dealing with climate protection, energy policy as well as “green ideas”.

Maciej Muskat

Born 1971, head of Greenpeace in Poland, an organization he has been affiliated with since 2004, first in Poland and later in Asia. Earlier, he co-founded a number of non-governmental organizations and conducted research on environmental economics at the University of Gdańsk. Author of various publications about ecology, economics and peace, their subjects ranging from the case of Rospuda Valley to challenges involved with the limited amounts of national resources. Enjoys climbing in his free time.