Amish at Vistula river
dir. Jan P. Matuszyński, Kacper Fertach, Poland, 2011, 28 mins
Screening times
May 14 17:00, Kinoteka 5
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The Amish is a Christian religious community, who’s members mostly live in the USA. They don’t ccept modern technology, they don’t use electricity, cars, television and other inventions. They are farmers and craftsmen. They live in isolated communities. Amish lifestyle is dictated by the Ordnung.

The main characters of the film are Jacob and Anita Martin – Amish who came some years ago to Poland, along with a few other families to create the first community in our country. The plan however failed, the other families decided to go back to America. The Martins decided to leave the community and stay in Poland. The two of them remained in their faith. According to modern standards they live very unique, strict and modest lives based on the Word of God, and prayer. Anita and Jacob make a living with part-time work, and with what they can grow. They buy very little, only the things essential to survive.They don’t send their children to school; they are instead homeschooled from old handbooks and The Bible. They have very few friends. What meaning do they find in such a way of life? What is happiness to them? Upon meeting the modern world, are they regarded as prophets or simply strange people whoreject the accomplishments of modern civilization?

On their example, this film shows what the lives of present-day Amish people looks like. It also shows what Americans think of Poland, and what the reality is.


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Kacper Fertacz

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