Photograph with the Pope. He who sings, prays twice
dir. Tomasz Bardorsch, Poland, 2011, 23 mins
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May 14 17:00, Kinoteka 5
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Stanislaw Soyka pays a great deal of attention to the lyrics he sings. Before he begins to compose, he tries to carefully understand, and get inside the author’s world. He feels the responsibilities of an interpreter for the poetry he gives. The text of the “Roman Triptych” did not come to him by accident. A friend suggested the idea of recording an album for the anniversary of the pontiff. Soyka was moved by the poetry, but ideas for the music did not come for several weeks. The inspiration came suddenly. From that point on, work on song was very effective. As he himself claims, he was writing influenced by the Holy Spirit. The celebrated performance of the song for the Holy Father was for the composer the ultimate test. Soyka was afraid of how the Pope would react to the changes he made. After the whole ordeal, during the conversation with the Pope he describes himself as being happy as a baby, repeating almost automatically the words “thank you Holy Father, thank you Holy Father…”

The film is a documentation of the process in which the music for “Roman Triptych” was created, as well as its relation to John Paul II. The main character tells about his youth, his relationship to the Church, religion and God.


Zdjęcia/Cinemathography: Maciej Grzybowski 

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