Photograph with the Pope. 4th floor
dir. Tomasz Bardorsch, Poland, 2010, 27 mins
Screening times
May 14 17:00, Kinoteka 5
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Norbert began to live, only after he had a brush with death. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, which was due to a lack of purpose in his life and isolation from people around him, his body was completely numb. For a few months he lay without moving. One day, on the wall he saw a picture. He didn’t tell anyone about it. He was scared they would treat him like a crazy person. This moment changed his life. He picture was of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Step by step he started everything from the beginning. He started to walk alone to the bathroom, then out to the park, and also a pilgrimage to Czestochowa alone. Lastly he tried to get to Rome, which ended in a big failure. However the magnetic attraction of JPII did not give him rest. In 2006 Norbert leaves on his wheelchair to the holy city to meet the Holy Father.

We observe one day from the life of the main character. He shaves, cleans, does the grocery shopping, and travels to work. In each one of these everyday events he is faced with reality,with his own limitations. He gives off the impression that he is constantly struggeling. He can’t give up, because that would mean that it’s all over, that he hit bottom, from which there is no return. His coming and going from his home become symbolic. He climbs on his knees up the stairs to his apartment on the fourth floor, dragging his wheel chair behind him. He does this out of his own will. He proves to the world his strength. In his disability, he doesn’tmake people feel pity. Quite the opposite, he is met by real admiration.


Zdjęcia/Cinemathography: Jakub Czerwiński 

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