Straight Way
dir. Joanna Kreto-Wójtowicz, Poland, 2010, 21 mins
Screening times
May 14 17:00, Kinoteka 5
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In general, Michał Płoski could be read as an antihero of contemporary times. Nowadays people who are becoming heroes are charismatic, stubbornly pursue a goal, achieve successes, and fight for the goodness of their own country. In a certain defined way - they are valuable. A prayer doesn’t go well with a contemporary world, if it is the only activity which a secular person undertakes. The main character of “ Straight way” purposefully rejects a daily routine, and he abandons his participation in social and public life for the sake of contemplation. He is choosing to live in seclusion and according to his own independent convictions.

His icons, which come into being in seclusion in Świętokrzyskie Mountains, are crowned with his spiritual development. The film does not only show the story of the painter, but it demonstrates a philosophical treatise about human choices. Michał Płoski finished law at Jagielloński University, but he never worked as a lawyer. In the 80-ties he was a solidarity activist; then he was looking for his own way and identity for a long time. In the film one could say that we are watching his life from the inside as the camera registers his most common daily activities.


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Jakub Czerwiński

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