You Are All Captains
Todos vós sodes capitáns
dir. Oliver Laxe, Spain, 2010, 78 mins
Section: Fetish and Culture  ·  Competition: Millennium Award
Screening times
May 15 20:00, Muranów
May 6 21:30, Kinoteka 3
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A European filmmaker is making a movie withchildren living in a home for socially excluded youngsters in Tangier, Morocco. While filming, the director's unorthodox methods of working cause hisrelationship with the children to disintegrate to such a point, that the initial course of the project is altered.


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Duże emocje! Ludzie aż wstawali... aby wyjść w trakcie, na napisach słychać było "dzięki Bogu" z widowni, każde ujęcie było coraz większą pomyłką. (Maciej)