What's In a Name
dir. Eva Küpper, Belgium, 2010, 69 mins
Section: Intimate Stories  ·  Competition: The Magic Hour Award
Screening times
May 10 21:45, Kinoteka 1
May 11 17:00, Kinoteka 4
May 12 21:30, Kinoteka 1
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Jon Cory, a body art performer from New York, stops at nothing when preparing for his bare-all performances. His 53-year-old body is an experiment that can be stretched a long way. On the street, few heads turn when he walks by with a huge pink penis under his arm, but on stage he goes much further. "Gender terrorism" is what he calls his sexually ambivalent, explicit performances. He aims to ambush the audience: the quicker you hit them, the friendly sounding Cory explains, the more their brains get overstimulated and go into shock. The audience always wants more: spitting and pretending to urinate on the audience just draws more applause. Since deciding to have breast implants to boost his image as a gender terrorist, Jon has had to get used to a new identity. His mother has no problem with his new breasts, but he is troubled by the question of whether to call himself Rose or Jon. Documentary filmmaker Eva Küpper follows him both before and after the operation, throughout his painstaking preparation for his performances, and during the performances themselves, capturing him as he seeks out the limits of intimacy.

Wybrane nagrody i festiwale /Selected festivals and awards: 2010 – MFF Amsterdam/IDFA


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Eva Küpper
Producent/Produced by: Eva Küpper for Soul Docs

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bardzo dobry! (fairyboi)
ciekawy, polecam! (mydickisdead)
fascynująca historia (Kroniu)
niesamowity bohater, swietny film, bardzo mi sie podobal, niezwykly swiat ktory fascynuje i pociaga...bohatera polubilam od pierwszysch momentow, polecam obowiazkowo. (magda)
przepiękny dokument, arcywrażliwa postać zupełnie odmieniająca pojęcie o niektórych tego typu performerach. wielka niespodzianka festiwalu. (mobileartur)
bardzo dobry film! super reżyserka. (zofia)
A big THANK YOU to a wonderful audience, festival team and jury! We're thrilled with the Honorable Mention received yesterday from the Magic Hour Jury and hope to return to this magnificent festival in the future! (Eva_Kupper)