Race, The
dir. Alba Sotorra Clua, Spain, 2011, 55 mins
Screening times
May 6 17:30, Kinoteka 3
May 8 13:30, Muranów
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Qatar, 2010, is the country with the fastest growing economy in the world: highways carve into the desert connect the old world with the new reality. As skyscrapers grow everywhere, thousands of workers of all origins pass by, leaving their marks forever. Coming from a nomadic way of life, no other society has been propelled through time in such a short period. Qatar Global Race is a cinematic window into the lives of three genuine characters that are part of a unique moment in the history of the country: a wealthy beduin, an immigrant worker and a western businessman. While the space changes around them and time seemingly moves fast, where does their humanity fit within this environment? Are they part of it or they are totally left out?


Produkcja/Production: Safo Films

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