Nothing Is Better Than Nothing At All
dir. Jan Peters, Germany, 2010, 89 mins
Screening times
May 10 15:00, Kinoteka 4
May 9 15:00, Kinoteka 4
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When Jan Peters' girlfriend accidently takes his wallet on a trip to foreign climes, she inadvertently leaves the filmmaker standing in the Frankfurt Airport without a penny or credit card to his name. The only capital he possesses is a group ticket for the public transport system.

After hearing about people who supplement their inadequate incomes by “escorting” groups of tourists across the city, Mr. Peters decides to apply the same method to his own adverse situation. The filmmaker starts a business as an “independent travel escort” and enters an obscure world of supplementary jobs and adventurous business models. During his trips he encounters troubled, laden, indifferent and optimistic souls, as well as those trying to cast off their abject yoke with courage, solidarity and creativity.

The audience is confronted with the demise of familiar employment structures and is introduced to concepts designed for a future without full employment.

Wybrane nagrody i festiwale /Selected festivals and awards: 2010 - DOK Leipzig


Zdjęcia/ Cinematography: Marcus Winterbauer
Producent/ Producer: Thomas Tielsch

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Świetny pomysł! Obok nas jest świat, którego nie znamy, warto się rozejrzeć. Dobrze zrobiony film... (Juliasiewiczowa)