My Father Is a Communist
dir. Olga Yakovleva, Grigory Grishin, Russia, 2010, 58 mins
Screening times
May 13 15:00, Kinoteka 7
May 14 15:30, Muranów
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This is a film about a father and a son. They are extremely different but at the same time have much in common. The father, Victor Oshkin, is an orthodox communist, the leader of Labor party department of Saratov region. His son, Alexander Oshkin, is a break-dancer, winner of Russian and international dance competitions, fitness-presenter. He lives and works in Moscow.

The first shot of the film shows the provincial city of Russia Saratov, a square covered with snow, with Lenin’s monument in the middle. Victor Oshkin under red banners leads a small group of his adherents to the monument. The majority of them are old men and women; they are sick and poorly dressed. They are going to take part in the meeting dedicated to Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.

Oshkin-junior’s life differs from his father’s. Fitness in Russia became very popular in last years. Alex Oshkin is in demand. He presents his dance-lessons in the best fitness-clubs in Moscow, he makes performances at the prestigious competitions. He has fans among the girls from all over the world..

The conflict of parents and children seems to be obvious But it’s not so easy. The son remembers the Soviet times with affection. The father cares about his son’s carrier. And furthermore, if we look at them attentively, we can notice some similar traits of character. It seems to be a part of inner, natural, family resemblance that can’t be broken by the changing time.


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Ivan Finogeev, Vitaly Gorbachev

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