Green Wave, The
dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi, Jan Krueger, Germany/Iran, 2010, 90 mins
Screening times
May 6 19:30, Kinoteka 3
May 7 17:30, Muranów
May 8 19:00, Kinoteka 3
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Animated blogs and tweets from Iran form the backbone of this enlightening and sometimes shocking reconstruction of the 2009 Green Revolution. In May of that year, the youthful green-clad crowds were still enraged, and the atmosphere in the stadium where presidential candidate Mousavi held his speech was, according to eyewitnesses, explosive. The desire for change was huge. "It helped me to regain my faith in humanity," one person recalls. Election Day itself was a deception on a massive scale: the supply of ballot papers would suddenly run out, and polling stations were closed for puzzling reasons. This marked the beginning of the dark period in which Mousavi was put under house arrest; Ahmadinejad seized power and demonstrators were shot. The authorities crushed the huge protests that took place under the slogan "Where Is My Vote?", by murdering Neda, the most notorious victim. We see these events onscreen as they were recorded with mobile phones and digital cameras. The blogs and tweets visualized using animation give an insider's view to the true extent of the suppression. One student, for example, ended up in a dark cell with 200 wounded prisoners, some of whom had already died. And another student recalls the day she was released: "I left a small prison only to enter a much bigger one - a prison called Iran."

Wybrane nagrody i festiwale /Selected festivals and awards: 2010 – MFF Amsterdam/IDFA.


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Peter Jeschke, Ali Samadi Ahadi
Producent/Production: Jan Krüger for Dreamer Joint Venture, Oliver Stoltz for Dreamer Joint Venture

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Historia znana nam z telewizji, ale zapewne już przez wielu zapomniana. Mam nadzieję, że dzięki temu filmowi ludzie dowiedzą się bądź przypomną sobie o cierpieniach Irańczyków. Ten film jest wart obejrzenia!!! (wolian)
Wstrząsający. (maciejziarko)
Absolutnie obowiązkowa pozycja! (regera)
Good first half but shame as got a lost in terms of structure and where it was going (cj)
A somewhat tortuous opening but once it got started this was an extremely compelling documentary. It then entirely lost its way and didn't know how to end or when to end. Some structural issues. (mayarosenburg)
Great intentions but agree that gets lost at end and not knowing how to end. (yanek)
mocny film. bardzo dobrze i ciekawie zrobiony. niesamowite zdjecia autentyczne i fajne bardzo animacje. treoche krwawy. na pewno warto zobaczyc!! (zofia)