Good Life, The
dir. Eva Mulvad, Denmark, 2010, 84 mins
Section:  ·  Competition: Millennium Award
Screening times
May 11 21:00, Muranów
May 14 22:00, Kinoteka 7
May 9 17:30, Muranów
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For those of us who didn't have it easy growing up, we can reassure ourselves that a perfect childhood isn't everything. At least not for 56-year-old Anne Mette. Archive footage provides a glimpse of the wealth that her family once possessed, but now there's nothing left. Anne Mette and her mother traded the villa in Portugal for a small apartment, where they now live together on a small pension. All the same, Anne Mette doesn't quite grasp the fact that the days of servants, beachfront property and lounging about by the pool are gone for good. Without realizing it herself, she still plays the spoiled little princess, once so adored by her filthy-rich father. She makes quite a ruckus when she has to plunge the clogged toilet, and during a talk with the director about her life situation, she declares, "Work is still taboo for me." Her mother gets the blame for the hell in which Anne Mette must live, but she is also the only one Anne Mette can watch the old home movies with and dream about the old days, a glass of red wine in hand. The two women, who were followed for many years, seem sentenced to one another in their common predilection for the impossible: going backwards in time.

Wybrane nagrody i festiwale /Selected festivals and awards: 2010 – MFF Amsterdam/IDFA.


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Eva Mulvad, Sophia Olsson
Producent/Production: Sigrid Dyekjær for Danish Documentary

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zapewnienie dziecku mega-szczęśliwego dzieciństwa nie zawsze kończy się happyendem (asia465)
A fine film. Giving your child a happy childhood is not enough. You also need to teach your child responsibility and give it a toolbox, so it can manage later in life. As we all know, the future is unknown. (JOA)
nice film (baskar)
5/10 (yanek)
Nic specjalnego. (maciejziarko)