Found Footage (The Fourth Wall)
dir. Clemens Von Wedemeyer, Germany 2009, 31 mins
Screening times
May 13 19:00, Kinoteka 6
May 7 12:00, Kinoteka 2
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Clemens von Wedemeyer's 'Found Footage (The Fourth Wall)' is one film in a lineup of eight works which together make up the installation 'The Fourth Wall'. An ambitious installation which circles around the - in anthropological terms - 'first meeting' with isolated ethnic groups. The project takes its starting point in the legendary Tasaday case from the early 1970s, where a Philippine tribe was discovered on the island of Mindanao. The small 'stone age-like' tribe became a huge media sensation overnight, but later turned out not to be as undiscovered as first assumed. Since then, the Philippine government has declared them 'authentic', but there is still great doubt as to how far their life-style and way of dressing was authentic or not. Wedemeyer's work focuses on Tasaday as the ultimate media performance.

Wybrane nagrody i festiwale /Selected festivals and awards: 2010 - CPH:DOX Kopenhaga/ CPH DOC Copenhagen, Art 41 Basel/Art Film


Produkcja /Production: Clemens Von Wedemeyer

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