Alice In The Land
dir. Esteban Larrain, Chile, 2008, 86 mins
Section: Timespace
Screening times
May 10 15:30, Kinoteka 1
May 8 11:30, Kinoteka 4
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The film tells the improbable and admirable story of a Quechua girl who at the end of 2004 marched 180 kms. from Soniquera, her home village in the south of Bolivia, to go to work at the touristic town of San Pedro de Atacama, in the north of Chile.

Constrained by the hard situation of her family, Alice embarks on a trip of unreal characteristics, walking trough magical domains and her own memories, following the invisible path which thousands of others Quechua lead for centuries.

The film, based on actual facts and played by the real girl, proposes an oneiric travel where the rhythm, the silence, the landscapes and the music conform the magic interior world of Alice, world which the girl crosses trough until reach the frontier of her own adulthood.

Wybrane nagrody i festiwale /Selected festivals and awards: 2009 - Ecofilms – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów i Sztuki Wizualnej Rodos/Ecofilms – Rodos International Film and Visual Arts Festival, 2008 - Światowy Festiwal Filmowy w Montrealu/Montreal World Film Festival


Zdjęcia /Cinematography by: Esteban Larrain, Juan Pablo Urioste
Produkcja /Production: Esteban Larrain

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Świetny film! Idziemy razem z dziewczynką jak przez obcą planetę. Kawałki wspomnień jak z filmu "Człowiek, który spadł na ziemię". Żadnej nachalnej propagandy, nawet nie musimy lubić tej dziewczynki. I zapierające dech obrazy. (roksmoka)
Piękny i nudny (pawlissimo)