About Soul and Other Small Things
dir. Kornel Miglus, Germany/Poland/Bulgaria, 2011, 91 mins
Section: Timespace
Screening times
May 14 19:00, Kinoteka 5
May 6 19:00, Kinoteka 7
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1977 NASA launched several messages from us - the inhabitants of Earth - into deep space. Stored inside the Voyager spacecraft there were greetings in various languages, selected pieces of music and images. Among a newborn’s cry, Beethoven and the sound of a dog barking, the voice of Bulgarian folklore singer Valja Balkanska drifted through the endless expanses of the cosmos.

As the space lab lately left our solar system, I was wondering what would have happened, if a bunch of extraterrestrials had arrived on the Earth just to hear Valja Balkanska’s voice in a live performance. That was the first idea for the movie.

With the tragic death of Andrzej, our friend and producer our film-trip to the Rhodope Mountains, the home sweet home to Valja’s breathtaking voice, faded far away and lost any sense. Then between helplessness and grief, an antique story emerged: the story of Orpheus, who descended into the Hades to bring his dear Eurydice back to daylight again. So I decided to follow Orpheus traces and collect elegies in Andrzejs honour.

In Autum 2010 we went up the Bulgarian mountains to find the Gate of Hades and the last song for Andrzej


Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Robert Mleczko
Producent/Produced by: Andrzej Traczykowski, Christo Bakalski, Kornel Miglus

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