Life is precious. How to transform the conflict between Israel and Palestine into a peaceful co-existence?

The debate will be held in Polish and English.

Friday, May 13, 2011. Kinoteka, following the screening of Precious Life. The screening will at 6.30 PM.

Precious Life
Directed by: Shlomi Eldar
Israel, 2010,
86 min.

After the screening, Amnesty International invites viewers to a debate with the film's director and other invited guests.

Participants in the debate include:

Shlomi Eldar
– the film's director and protagonist;
Draginja Nadażdin – head of Amnesty International Poland;
Roman Frister – Middle Eastern correspondent forPolityka weekly magazine

Debate moderator: Adam SzostkiewiczPolityka journalist

The opinion that the conflict between Israel and Palestine remains insoluble is re-stated again and again. Accounts of the conflict portray it as that basing on mutual hate, with new clashes between the Israeli army and Hamas forces reported on a regular basis.

The State of Israel is responsible for breaching a number of human rights, through isolation of the whole populations in the Gaza Strip and Western Bank and abuse of military power, which also affects the region's civil population. The Israeli government is also held accountable for the disastrous humanitarian situation in the Gaza strip.

On the other hand, aside from calling to arms to take revenge on the occupier, engaging in battle is the only means of interaction with Israel for Palestinian military forces in Gaza. Palestinians are led to believe that the only acceptable attitude is that of hatred towards Israel and willingness to die battling the enemy.

Protagonists of Precious Life, both Israeli and Palestinian, break away from this vicious circle of hatred. In times of great evil, there are still individuals willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need, irrespective of the differences between them. Empathy and help in times of need can transform the most adamant and hostile attitudes.

Amnesty International, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has always acted upon the belief that mutual understanding is feasible provided the two sides of the conflict appeal to values of human rights and the respect for human life.

After the screening, viewers will have a chanceto discuss whether this is at all possible in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.