Weekend with Africa as You Never Knew it!

The meeting will be held in Polish

Sunday, May 15, 2011, Kinoteka, following the screening of Adopted. The film will begin at 5:45 PM.

Directed by: Gudrun F. Widlok, Rouven Rech
Germany/Ghana, 2010
89 min

After the screening, “Aftrica Another Way Foundation” invites you to an evening of storytelling.

It would seem that the storytelling tradition has been diminishing in Western societies, yet artists are more and more willing to use interactive forms of communication, which rely on real-world social interactions, to reach their viewers. ‘Live documentaries’, in which ‘live’ voice-over is often used to present the plot, as well as ‘live storytelling’ serve as good examples of these techniques. On the other hand, storytelling in Africa has had a continuous and long-standing history.

The evening organized by PLANETE DOC’s partner, “Africa Another Way” Foundation, will be inspired by both of these traditions.
The screening of Adopted, a film about adult Europeans who go to Africa to become members of local families, will serve as the starting point for the discussion. African families are still multi-generational, while family ties still play a crucial role in these communities.
Stories that present the role of the oldest generation in the life of the family will be told by a Pole (Adam Rybiński), who had spent many years in Africa, and an African who has lived in Poland for many years. The storytelling will be accompanied by live music and images of Africa and Poland. The meeting itself will thus take on the form of “live documentary”.

The evening of storytelling is organized with the support of the Warsaw authorities.
No entry charge. Entry priority will be given to viewers of the film preceding the meeting.