Marathon Boy
dir. Gemma Atwal, United Kingdom, 2010, 98 mins
Section: Heroes Among Us  ·  Competition: Millennium Award
Screening times
May 15 17:00, Kinoteka 1
May 6 19:30, Muranów
May 7 21:45, Kinoteka 7
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When the little Indian Budhia Singh was only three years old, he had already run six half marathons. In his own words, "One day I will run all the way to the Olympics." As you might suspect, he didn't come up with this all by himself. His adoptive father Biranchi Das, who self-funds an orphanage and a judo school, rescued him from the slums and goes to great lengths to generate attention for this special child. Budhia the wonder boy grows into a regional hero, and after he participates in the Limca Record Run (around 40 miles), he achieves nationwide stardom. It created political war in the region with riots, protests and power game over boy’s future.


Zdjęcia/Cinematography: Matt Norman
Produkcja/Production: Gemma Atwal, Matt Norman

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An incredible film with multiple layers that descends into a dark thriller - the write-up here does not do justice to it! I saw this at IDFA and it was by far the best documentary being shown. All the more astonishing because it was the filmmaker's first (mayarosenburg)
Must see... (komarcia)
Mimo późnej godziny i sporego zmęczenia (to był mój 5 film tego dnia), zainteresował mnie i nie usnąłem :) (maciejziarko)
If you liked "Dear Zachary" or "Catching the Friedmans" you love "Marathon Boy". For a total original original story & filmmaker totally on top of their craft, my pick of the Fest! Amazed this is her first film. (cj)
Hard to believe this is not fiction. Well structured, without judgment cast, and the love and affection of the film-maker for her subjects is self-evident in every scene. Agree with comment above - must see... (baskar)
10 (yanek)