dir. Grzegorz Kuczek, Poland, 2010, 52 mins
Section: Climate for Change  ·  Competition: Green Warsaw Award
Screening times
May 11 18:00, Muranów
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The film tries to answer the question why there are more and more food products in which genetically modified ingredients appear and whether that food is safe for consumers.

First steps he directs to the scientists but it soon becomes clear that the issue of GMO divides the world of science and obtaining reliable knowledge about the benefits and risks of such food will not be easy. In the end, he manages to establish several important and irrefutable facts.

The journalist at the time of gathering the material gets to know the world of biotechnological solutions which, according to proponents of the gene revolution, will eliminate the problem of world hunger and give people food free from chemicals.

While interviewing farmers and biotechnologists, both supporters and opponents of GMOs, he discovers the true face of GM in plants. It turns out that many of them have been modified in such a way as to resist herbicides that are harmful to health and life and several agrochemical companies built their empires on that. Some resort to deception in attempt to increase sales of their products. The author exposes a scam of the real giant in this industry - the American company Monsanto.

Looking for legitimacy for this, the author talks with officials at the highest levels of government. Frightening is not only their lack of competence, but also a powerful lobbying pressure they are under by the agrochemical companies and various associations in support of genetic modification of plants. These pressures are subjected not only to the Polish authorities, but also farmers and consumers in Poland.


Zdjęcia /Cinematography by: Artur Wierzbicki
Produkcja /Production: Monika Szymborska-Wójcik, Krzysztof Mączyński

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Przerażające jest to, że film ten był już wyświetlny i nic. Realizacja? Jak na film dla komercyjnej TV, ale treść i wartość OK. (vlissingen)